Pure water

We firmly believe that pure water is the best thing for all skin types: all inorganic substances or components which are difficult to assimilate have been removed. The purer the water is, the more easily it will be absorbed by your skin, compared to traditional mineral water. For perfect affinity with your skin, our water is similar to the water in your skin cells.

We produce our own water on site. There are several stages of production, rigorously monitored by quality control, as required by European standards.

Once this pure water is filled in an aluminium can and is placed under hydrogen pressure, it is being treated with gamma rays to ensure that it remains sterile.

Some statistics:

  • Removal of 99.99 % of bacteria in the water
  • A pH of 7 for pure water at 25°C
  • An exceptional purity: Resistance superior to 30,000 ohms *
  • Nitrate level of 0mg/l guaranteed

* The purity of the water can be quickly evaluated based on its conductivity or electrical resistance – pure water is a very poor conductor of electricity, so it therefore has very high resistance. The purity of the water is expressed in ohms: the purer the water, the higher the rate of ohms. This parameter is called resistance. For example: The resistance of tap water is generally only around 2000 ohms, while the vast majority of bottled water has a resistance of between 500 and 5000 ohms, due to the high presence of minerals. This cannot be absorbed by our bodies.