Cosmetic water

Our imagination has gone beyond the formulation of pure water, deciding to use pure water as a cosmetic material in its entirety.


Our laboratory now works with the latest innovations in terms of active water-soluble ingredients to develop and present formulas based on water, offering a gentle but effective solution for all skin types. All our formulae, based on pure water and active cosmetic ingredients, undergo dermatological and ophthalmological testing.

And some years after we began… we found equivalents to our products in nature!

After considerable research, we found a water source which is naturally very close to the pH of the skin. This mountain water from a spring in the south of France shows an exceptional purity, and a pH of 5.6, close to that of human skin. It’s the perfect water for our beauty products!

  • Resistance naturally superior to 30,000 ohms
  • A low level of nitrates at 1.12 mg/l (as an example, Evian water is 3.8 mg/l)